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My grandson was experiencing significant behavior concerns and refusing to learn. This started in Kindergarten. We began to believe that he would not learn to read or be able to do math. After working with FLOW, he is reading at grade level and enjoys reading now.  FLOW has recently started to work with him on math and he looks forward to working with the FLOW staff weekly. He has made gains in math in only a couple of weeks. The FLOW staff indicates that it will take him a few months to catch up and I’m forever grateful for their hard work and dedication to my grandson.

A Grateful Grandmother

Our 5th grade niece was two grade levels behind in math.  We spent countless hours with her doing homework, trying to help her learn.  Fortunately, we found FLOW! After a few months (once per week), she has almost caught up with her class!  We don’t have to help nearly so much with her homework and she is consistently making A’s and B’s.  We can’t express how grateful we are!

Rick and Michelle

FLOW has done an amazingly, wonderful job with our 10 year old daughter. In the middle of her 4th grade year, she was reading roughly 74 words per minute; BUT, thanks to FLOW, less than three months later that was up to about 112 words per minute—only six words below grade level! As parents who used to know nothing but exasperation, we cannot tell you how this new found confidence in our daughter’s reading ability has helped in every other area of her young life!

Daniel and Michelle

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