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Why Tutoring?
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Do You Hear Things Like This From Teachers?
  • Your child has trouble finishing their work by themselves. They will play with their pencil or get out of their seat and talk with other students whey they are working on assignments.
  • Your child is smart and likes to finish their work quickly. Because they work quickly, they often make mistakes. Your child gets frustrated when I show them their mistakes and tells me they do not want to fix them.
  • Your child takes a long time to read and has trouble understanding what they read. They understand better when they read with a friend.
  • Your student needs a lot of one-on-one and I have too many children in my classroom to spend so much time with your child.
Do You Hear Things Like This From Your Child?
  • Your child continually complains about a particular subject or simply does not like school. 
  • Kids makes fun of me when the teacher calls on me to read out loud.
  • The teacher gets frustrated with me and tells me I am taking too long to do my homework. She tells me if I don’t finish my work in class, I will have to do it for homework. Everyone else in class always gets finished but me.  
  • School is hard and I don’t see why I have to learn so much. I don’t understand. 
  • Promotes Positive Role Models
  • Provide the Skills Needed to Succeed in School
  • Improved Work,  Study Skills and Habits
  • Increased Confidence 
  • Helps Create A Positive Attitude Towards School
  • Improved Social and Behavioral Skills
Benefits of Tutoring
  • To Help Students Become Independent Learners
  • Academic Skills Improve
  • Self Esteem Improves
  • Confidence Improves
  • Positive Attitude Towards School
  • Drop Out Rate Decreases
  • Truancies Decrease
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